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The form precedes the name.

WEB_Still_AppleThe man throughout its evolution, searching for answers to their deepest questions, begin to observe your environment, and finds patterns that repeat themselves in nature. In one study, and in a deeper state, identified it as the fundamental pattern generator, which governs the cosmos, revealing how energy works in the universe.
This pattern at its most basic level is called Torus, which resembles an apple and a red cell format. The underlying structure is the torus Vector Equilibrium (VE), and is therefore considered the primary geometric structure in the cosmos, and synonymous with absolute balance.



The lines of the vortex torus can be decoded from the rotation of a sign ancestor known today as Seed of Life, it is from it that we extract the basic geometric shapes, proportions, EV, the Flower of Life and all its unfolding geometric a more complex level.



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Around the World


Here you can find the most accurate description of the flower of life that somehow was engraved on a wall of the temple of Osiris over 3000 years ago.

This pattern has been found in many places such as:

• Temple of Osiris at Abydos (Egypt), more than 3,000 years of history
• Nineveh, Mesopotamia (Iraq), over 4,000 years
• Idalion Cup (Cyprus). Eighth century B.C. 
• Osario (Israel), first century B.C.
• Ephesus (Turkey), second century B.C.
• Algeria, Morocco







Leões Fu Cidade Proibida, Pequin China





Templo Sikh em Amritsar (Índia)











In the ancient world, this concept and wisdom was known, studied and explored by many people, until nowadays there is a model LV carved in stone on Mount Qingcheng, one of the four sacred mountains of China, considered the birthplace of the most important Taoism, it has its history dating back at least 2300 years ago.



In the east there is a relationship of VE with traditional medicine, to map the system of energy meridians of the human body that are used for acupuncture. 

 VE4 VE6



With its proportions and diagonal lines, all symmetric, it is possible to construct the tree of life, based on the study of Jewish Kaballah.




To the Egyptians the VE was regarded as the mother of all symmetric geometry – the invisible fabric of space. There are even those who say that the three pyramids are an offshoot of this geometry, a fact entirely possible, since with EV at hand is possible to make proportional replicas of various pyramids where the top of the pyramid is the point in the center point of the LV.



Greek Philosophers





Plato studied the fundamental pattern of the universe in a deep way, inherited part of the knowledge from the Egyptians and other ancient cultures and reached the 5 basic constituent units of the material universe we know, wich are the famous 5 Platonic solids – tetrahedron, hexahedron, octahedron, dodecahedron and icosahedron. Although the five solids are attributed to Plato, before him Pythagoras probably accessed this knowledge, another Greek philosopher, Proclus, assign the construction of these polyhedra to Pythagoras, assuming that he is also the one who introduced the theorem: “There is only five regular polyhedra. “. 






From the truncation of the 5 Platonic solids we get 13 solid of Archimedes. In basic Euclidean geometry the Vector Equilibrium is called cuboctahedron and is one of the solids of Archimedes, wich was also studied and explored by the mathematician, inventor and Greek philosopher.


Da Vinci 

In the Middle Ages much of the knowledge of the Greek philosophers was lost, including the knowledge about the solid Archimedes, which were recovered gradually only in the Renaissance. Leonardo da Vinci studied and explored the Flower of Life. His drawings depict various components of the model and the geometries found within it.







Twentieth Century

Dr. Derald Langham was a geneticist, north american farmer and researcher of the mid-twentieth century who noted the importance of geometry wich he called Genesa Crystal, the spherical shape of the Vector Equilibrium, and realized that plants are best developed near these structures made of strips of copper or brass. At the time, although the results were discredited and his research had little impact and were eventually suppressed. Today modern quantum physics has a chance to fact: This form with an underlying unified field structure, resonates with it and ends up creating a bubble of coherence and harmony, which reduces the stress of the environment and optimizes the development beings, including plants. 

foto (2)


Richard Buckminster Fuller, was an outstanding scientist of the twentieth century, targeting his studies observing nature, the geometric and energetic mathematics and philosophy, one of his major works was “Synergetics” work written in two large volumes, where Fuller addresses in depth the fundamentals of geometric forms, and vector strength, balance and energy balance involved in the formation of the universe. The concepts of Synergy, Vector Equilibrium Matrix Isotropic Vector and Tensegrity or tensional integrity, among others, first appear in his books. He was responsible for the widespread use of geodesic domes in architecture and engineering.


One of the key points on the LV geometry that Fuller describes is that by having all vectors with exactly the same length and angular relationship from the point of view of energy, EV is the final and perfect condition in which the movement of energy arrives to a state of absolute balance, and therefore the absolute silence, nothingness, the intangible, the unmanifested, where in the words of Fuller himself: “balance between positive and negative is zero. The Vector equlibrium is the true zero reference of the energy mathematics. Zero pulsation in the Vector Equilibrium is the closest similarity that we know of God and Eternity. The zero phase of the integrity inherent in the concept of positive and negative asymmetry that propagates the different forms of consciousness. “.


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